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Book Abbreviations

Here is a quick reference to book abbreviations used by collectors & dealers.

A.D.:  Autograph Document
A.D.s:  Autograph Document Signed
A.E.G.:  All Edges Gilt
A.L.:  Autograph Letter, not signed
A.L.s: -- Autograph Letter, signed
A.M.s:  Autograph Manuscript, signed
A.N.s:  Autograph Note, signed
Ads: Advertisements
Adverts: Advertisements
Advts: Advertisements
AEG: All Edges Gilt
AL: Autographed Letter
ALS: Autographed Letter Signed
AMS: Autographed Manuscript Signed
ARC: Advanced Reading Copy
auth:  Author
B & W: Black and white
B/W: Black and white
BAR:  Book Auction Records
BC:  Book Club
BCE:  Book Club Edition
bce:  book club edition
bd:  bound
bds:  boards       
bk(s):  book(s)
bkpl:  bookplate
bkstrp:  backstrip
BMC:  British Museum Catalogue
BOMC:  Book Of The Month Club
BPC:  Book Prices Current
brk:  broken
buck:  buckram
C., ca:  Circa
Cat:  Catalogue
Cent:  Century
Cf:  Calf
chp:  Chipped
cl:  cloth                                 
col:  color
cont:  contemporary
cpy:  copy
cv:  cover
DDS:  Dewey Decimal System
dec:  decorated
DJ:  Dust Jacket
dw:  dustjacket, dustwrapper
doc:  document
DW:  Dust Wrapper
ea:  each
ed:  edition, editor, edited
edn:  edition
endp., e.p.:  endpaper(s)
eng., engr:  Engraved, engraving
Engl:  English
EP's:  End Papers
ex-lib, x-lib:  ex-library
Ex-Lib:  Ex-Library
F:  Fine
F., ff:  Folio, folios
facs:  facsimile
FE:  First Edition
FEP's:  Free End Papers
Fo:  Folio, as pertaining to book size
fp, frontis:  frontispiece
FTE:  First Trade Edition
fwd:  foreward
FX:  foxed or foxing
SC:  softcover
G., gt:  Gilt
G:  Good
hc:  hardcover
hf. Bd:  half bound
Hf:  half
hndbk:  handbook
hng:  hinge
ltd: limited
lith: lithograph
Ill., Ills:  Illustrated, illustrations
impft:  imperfect
inscr:  inscribed, Inscription
introd:  introduction
ital:  italic letter
lea:  leather
lf:  lear
lge:  large
lith:  lithograph
ltd:  limited
M.E.:  Marbled Edges
mag:  magazine
Mco, mor:  Morocco
MS:  Manuscript
mssg:  missing
n.d.:  no date
N.F.:  Near Fine
N.p.:  No place, publisher or printer
ND:  No Date
ob:  oblong
Oct:  Octavo
OED:  Oxford English Dictionary
OP:  Out of Print
OP:  Out of Print
or., orig:  Original
p., pp:  Page
P.P.:  Printed Privately
pamph:  Pamphlet
photo:  photograph
pict:  pitorial
pref:  preface
prev:  previous
pseud:  pseudonym
pt:  part
ptd:  printed
pub(d):   publish(ed)
Q:  Quotation
Qto:  Quarto
REM:  Remainder
reprd:  repaired
rev:  revised
sgd:  signed
sig:  signature
sl:  slight
slpcs:  slipcase
sm:  small
sp:  spine
sq:  square
swd:  sewed
T.E.G.:  Top Edges Gilt
tp:  title page
TS:  Typescript
unb., unbd:  Unbound
VG:  very good
vo(s):  volume(s)
w/o:  without
wraps:  wrappers
wt:  weight
yr: Year

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