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Book Collecting

What Is Available Here?

Information the novice and professional can use in book collecting, investing, dealing, pricing, grading, terms and descriptions used.  Tips and information in the area of antique and collectable books, books for sale and general information. Bookmark this page for updated and additional information that will be of assistance to anyone interested in book collecting.

This site will provide information and assist with the many terms used in the grading, investing, pricing, buying and selling of books.  Assisting the novice interested in collecting or becoming a part time dealer of books.  With the growth of the internet so has interest in profit from book dealing.  With the many sites available for buying and selling such as eBay, both unprofessional and professional listings by experienced dealers exist.  With this growth of newcomers so has the frustration of uniformed individuals who need basic information on how to describe and identify books correctly.  For the new comer, take an evening to cover the essentials and look through this site for the basic information needed to familiarize you in the fascinating area of collecting, investing, and selling of books.  The more advanced collector will find useful and easy reference to terms, descriptions, abbreviations, etc. in their own pursuit of books.

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